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Pups abandoned by the roadside are thriving

Three of the abandoned pups, which have now found permanent homes. Photo: Dog's Trust
The pups had been abandoned by the roadside. Credit: Dog's Trust

A litter of adorable puppies that were abandoned like rubbish on a roadside are recovering well, thanks to cuddles and around the clock attention.

The seven gorgeous pups were just over a week old when they were ditched on the side of a dangerously busy road in Sedgefield, County Durham around two months ago.

But the youngsters are thriving - which is down to the TLC given by staff Dogs Trust's Darlington.

For the first ten days each puppy had to be hand-fed every two hours through the day and night.

From three weeks on, their feeds were reduced to every four hours and they started being weaned onto solid food.

Canine carer Jo Alford, who cared for three of the puppies, let her two sons Jack and Tom, name the dogs - calling them Daisy, Diva and Kong.

Jo's colleague Sharon Boult, a training behaviour advisor at the rehoming centre cared for the remainder of the litter and allowed her daughter Ellie to name them after American states: Dakota, Georgia, Texas and Nevada.

The puppies are now old enough to be rehomed and staff are delighted that all have now found new owners.

This cute little specimen made a fully recovery after being callously abandoned. Credit: Dog's Trust

The puppies were very lucky to be found and brought to Dogs Trust, as the outcome could have been very different.

We would always encourage anyone who is coping with an unwanted litter to get in touch with their local pound or rescue, as the litter will receive all the care they need and get every opportunity to thrive in a new home.

Working for a charity like Dogs Trust, you do get attached to the dogs in your care, especially when spending so much time with them, like Jo and I did. Whilst it’s sad to say goodbye we’re so happy all the puppies have found new homes and everyone at the Rehoming Centre wishes them well as they head off with their new families. I hope they send us updates of how they’re getting on.

– Sharon Boult