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Chennai Six to be released from prison after judge acquits them

The Chennai Six have been acquitted Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The so-called Chennai Six are to be released from prison after being acquitted a judge has ruled.

Families of the British men have been campaigning for their release since they were arrested in India in October 2013.

The six were first jailed on weapons charges while working as security guards on ships to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean.

Three of the six are from the North East; Nick Dunn, 31, of Northumberland, Nicholas Simpson, 47, of Catterick, and Paul Towers, 54, of Pocklington near York.

The the others are John Armstrong, 30, of Wigton, Cumbria, Ray Tindall, 42, of Chester, and Billy Irving, 37, of Argyll.

  • Watch as Lisa Dunn finds out her brother Nick has been acquitted

The family of Nick Dunn, from Ashington, Northumberland, gathered together as they waited to hear if the news was good.

Sipping champagne, his sister, Lisa, said: "This is the best champagne in the world, it tastes like the best drink.

"The longer it went on, as much as you still have an element of hope, it does dwindle after having so many delays and setbacks.

"But that hasn't happened today and we've had the best news ever.

"It will make all of our Christmases, all of our dreams have come true today."

Mr Dunn's father, Jim, said: "Absolutely fantastic, the best news in the world.

"We haven't been a full family for a long time now. Nick won't fully realise it's over until his feet touch down in Newcastle."