Burglar jailed for raid on deaf woman's home

Daniel McGill has been jailed for a raid on a deaf woman's home Credit: PA / Northumbria Police

A burglar tricked his way into a profoundly deaf 80-year-old’s home and stole her mother’s jewellery.

Daniel McGill, of Warwick Court, Gateshead, struck in April, when he called at the woman's home carrying a bucket, posing as a window cleaner.

After cleaning the woman's windows, and charging £4, he left. It was only then the woman realised jewellery has been stolen from her bedroom.

The jewellery has never been replaced.

A neighbour spotted McGill and took photographs of him leaving. Forensic evidence including McGill's DNA was also recovered from the victim's house.

McGill, who was due to stand trial, pleaded guilty to burglary at Newcastle Crown Court and was jailed for four years.

Speaking after the case Chief Inspector Paul Knox, of Central Area Command, said: “This was a particularly cruel and callous act targeting an elderly woman who has very poor eyesight and can only communicate via sign language.

“McGill has taken away the trust this woman had and deprived her of family heirlooms which are simply irreplaceable.”