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Homeless car park hero insists he was returning help

The homeless man who used his blanket to help Newcastle motorists stuck in a car park has said he was simply helping those who'd helped him.

Eddie Unthank, 24, saw several cars struggling to climb the steep bank leading up to Newcastle's Carliol Square Car Park on Thursday.

The entrance into the car park where cars had struggled to climb Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION

Grabbing his blanket, Eddie offered to put it underneath motorists' back wheels to help them get a grip.

People help me so I would help them the same way they help me. I'm homeless and people are helping me out.

I seen one of the workers at the car park cleaning up the snow. I seen half the people struggling to get in so I asked if she needed a hand. I worked as a mechanic most of my life, so I know how to get cars out rough snowy conditions and I have a wool blanket spare.

I got the cars to spin on that (blanket) and got them into the car park safely.

– Eddie Unthank

One of the motorists Eddie helped is now taking in donations to try and help him. Ross Brown, from Hebburn, said he is fundraising for Eddie and has also spoken to housing charity Shelter.