Widow of Hartlepool terror attack victim calls for more support

David Dixon from Hartlepool was among those killed in the Brussels terror attack Credit: Family photo

The widow of a Hartlepool man killed in a terror attack in Brussels is among those calling for better support for victims.

Charlotte Dixon-Sutcliffe is one of 14 founders of the Survivors Against Terror group, which begins life on Monday, and was formed to lobby the Government on counter-terror policies and improved support for victims.

Mrs Dixon-Sutcliffe's husband David Dixon was killed in the Brussels metro bombing in March 2016.

Twin suicide bombers claimed the lives of 16 people at Brussels' Zaventem airport, while a further 16 were the victims of an explosion at Maelbeek subway station.

David Dixon, 50, who was originally from Hartlepool but was living in the Belgian capital, was among those killed in the metro bombing. He was the only Briton to die in the attacks.

Other founders include the brother and mother of a victim of the Manchester bomb attack, which killed six people from North East, and a survivor from the London bomb attack in July 2005.

Brendan Cox, the widower of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox is also involved.

A statement from the newly-formed group said: "Our collective view is that terrorism can be defeated - but only if we pull together as a country to fight it more effectively.

"We will work to build a voice for survivors."

The group aims to campaign for more effective policies to combat terror andidentify gaps in support for victims and the bereaved, as well as help thepublic tackle hate speech and the terror threat.

Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, welcomed the creation of the new group.

She said: "I have incredible admiration for the courage and dedication ofeveryone involved.

"Their ambition to bring positive change as a response to their horrificexperiences is truly inspiring.

"We are committed to providing the best support for victims of terrorism, andthat is why last year we set up the Victims of Terrorism Unit which will makesure that support, both in the UK and overseas, is comprehensive and made swiftly available to those who need it.

"I look forward to working with Survivors Against Terror to ensure that theirexperiences help shape the work we do."