A masterplan to develop the historic Middlesbrough Railway Station, in preparation for a direct line to London by 2020, have been unveiled.

The plans include:

  • The re-opening of the southern entrance.

  • A stunning new glass frontage and concourse on Bridge Street.

  • An additional platform.

  • New commercial units.

  • Additional passenger facilities and;

  • Improved access for sustainable modes of transport such as buses, taxis, cars and cycles.

The new design aims to protect and enhance the station's Victorian heritage.

Middlesbrough Mayor Dave Budd said, Middlesbrough Railway Station is at the heart of the Council's plans to grow the local economy:

These proposals would make our iconic station even more attractive and also make better use of the space inside. "Clearly, we are at an early stage, but it is wonderful to be able to make our ambitions public. "The projects programme board will now begin action on how we can collaboratively work together to achieve this.”

Middlesbrough Mayor Dave Budd
Ariel view Credit: Middlesbrough Council

Middlesbrough MP, Andy McDonald who has been working alongside the Council on the project said: "The entire proposal presents a 21st century transport hub that is fit for purpose. This will be a game changer for Middlesbrough and the wider Tees Valley economy." He added:

The Consultants BDP have done some stunning visionary work that not only sees the station restored to its 19th century splendour including the southern Zetland Road elevation and the improved usage of the concourse and booking hall - much as the architect originally intended when the station as first designed- but transformationally presents a 21st century northern façade out onto Bridge Street that fits entirely with our European City aspirations and opens out into the emerging cityscape of Middlehaven. "It’s an absolutely breathtakingly impressive proposal."

Andy McDonald MP