Dogs Trust Darlington are celebrating International Day of Happiness by sharing photos of some of their comical canine residents, while appealing for potential owners to come forward and give them new homes.

Big Bruno

This three-year-old Bull Mastiff is a beautiful big sensitive soul who is looking for a human companion in crime. Despite his size, he is very gentle and would like the same from his adult only family.

Caring Colin. Credit: Dogs Trust Darlington

Caring Colin

Colin, the three-year-old Saluki with deep eyes and sporting a wind swept and interesting look, is eagerly waiting to brighten up someone’s life. He would like to spend as much time with his new family as possible so would prefer his owners to be around most of the day.

Chopin the Chow Chow. Credit: Dogs Trust Darlington

Chopin Chow Chow

A recent addition at the rehoming centre, this lion lookalike is as laid back as they come. Chopin is a Chow Chow who likes to take life at his own pace.

Although he loves attention from his human companions, he is perfectly happy to spend time on his own too.

Chopin won’t be in kennels for much longer though as he has found his special someone and is currently getting ready to head off to his forever home.

As it is International Day of Happiness we wanted to show people that having a dog in their life is a very rewarding experience.

Sue Embleton, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Darlington