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University of Sunderland to open a medical school

The University of Sunderland is to open a School of Medicine Credit: Stockshot

The University of Sunderland is to open a School of Medicine

The Government’s Department of Health and Social Care has announced that the first students will join the University in September next year.

Sunderland is one of only five new medical schools to open in England.

It's hoped it'll mean more opportunities for students to study in the North East, with the long term aim to help the profession reflect the community better and hep reduce a shortage of GP's.

“Our bid presented a compelling case for an innovative medical school for those with talent and who present the requisite medical school entry requirements, regardless of their background and social status. We will provide accessible medical education training for a new generation of doctors, recruited from the communities in which they live and where they will eventually practice.”

“Our bid was backed unreservedly by our NHS partners and clinicians and we are also working closely with the City Council to provide an environment and a range of new amenities to retain young doctors in the region to halt the disappointing drift south of many newly qualified medics.”

– Vice-Chancellor, Shirley Atkinson