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Vandals wreck Redcar Racecourse after stolen JCB smashes through fence

Extensive damage has been caused to Redcar Racecourse after a stolen JCB smashed through the track before being ditched in a field.

It's the fourth time the track has been wrecked due to similar incidents and the racecourse will now have to fork out to repair the damage.

Cleveland Police believe there may have been up to seven suspects involved in the theft which took place on Tuesday 17th April.

Damage to the outer fencing of the racecourse Credit: GMC_Redcar Racecourse

They say the JCB was stolen from a building site around the Greenstones Road area at around 9:05pm that day.

It is understood police attempted to follow the JCB before it was dumped in a field near Mucklow Close but no arrests have yet been made.

Managers at the racecourse site have stated no-one was hurt during the incident and there is no racing this week.

In 2016 vandals left a trail of damage after they took a JCB and bulldozed their way onto the track less than two weeks before Lady’s Day. Insurers were contacted to help foot the four-figure repair bill.