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Residents split over plans to demolish and rebuild Newton Aycliffe estate

Residents of the 495-property site are split over plans to demolish and rebuild the site by social landlord Livin Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Residents of a housing estate in Newton Aycliffe are split over plans to demolish the 495-property site and rebuild it.

Livin, the social landlord who announced the plans, said it is still consulting residents over its plans for the Western Newton Aycliffe site.

Some of the residents feel there is nothing wrong with the houses.

There's nothing wrong with the houses at all. We don't wan't to move we're comfortable here and just the physical thing of moving, at our age, isn't something we look forward to.

Where we'll end up I don't know.

– Derick Sutton, Resident

However, not everyone feels the houses are up to standard.

It's just getting worse and worse every day with the anti-social behaviour, the rats, the houses need a new look; they (Livin) don't want to look after it anymore.

– Samara Field, Resident

Livin has said any new development would include updated housing, better play areas for children and a communal venue. It said any work that goes ahead will only be with community support.

The proposals are to be debated by town councillors next week.