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Kian Musgrove thanks supporters as he lives to meet baby sister

Kian Musgrove has thanked strangers who paid for his cancer treatment so he could live to meet baby sister.

The six-year-old from Newcastle, has just celebrated his birthday and took to social media to publicly thank all those who helped fund his treatment, which took him across to the United States.

Kian was first diagnosed at just 18 months old in October 2013 and again two years later in December 2015. He and his family travelled to New York to receive a vaccine which targets any remaining cancer cells in his body.

£600,000 was raised for Kian to be treated in New York Credit: Family photo

The family have been enjoying the arrival of the newest addition to the Musgrave family, as mother Kat and fiancé Leon welcomed baby Leona Kathleen Musgrove-Paul into the world on Friday.

  • In a message on the Caring for Kian Facebook page after the birth, Kian wrote:

Meeting my new baby sister in hospital this evening. Leona Kathleen Musgrove-Paul, born at 12:24pm today weighing 7lb 12 1/2 oz.

She’s so cute. I would like to thank all whom donated for my treatment abroad as without you all I would not even be here to meet my gorgeous baby sister today.

Love Kian x

– Caring for Kian Facebook page

Fundraising efforts gained national and international attention, as his family campaigned to raise the £600,000 required to visit America for pioneering relapse therapy. Simon Cowell was among those who donated to the cause.

But his mother says she is so grateful to have the whole family at home to enjoy the moment.

Kian’s face lit up when he saw her, his jaw just dropped, he couldn’t believe it. He was so happy, bouncing round, looking over the cot at her and his face was so happy. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that, if all those people who donated to get Kian to New York for treatment, he wouldn’t be here to meet his sister.

– Kat Musgrave, Kian's mother

The family are still awaiting results of Kian's bone marrow and blood tests, but recent scans suggest there has been no progression of the cancer.

Kian's mother Kat says she is still fundraising in case Kian does relapse once again and they need to return to America for more treatment, but if he remains cancer free, money raised will go to other charities and children in similar circumstances.