Police crackdown on parents parking outside schools

Officers say a friendly chat could prevent future accidents Credit: ITV News

Police on Teesside have launched a crackdown on illegal parking by parents outside schools.

'Operation Rochford' will see neighbourhood inspectors visit every primary school in central Middlesbrough between now and the summer holidays.

Officers say parents who are guilty of antisocial parking around school drop off and pick up times are risking children's lives. They're making surprise visits to schools across the city to remind parents where they should and shouldn't park on the busy school run.

The clampdown was launched by police after complaints from schools, parents and residents across the city. Cleveland Police say so far, the response has been positive.

Officers will reinforce areas that parking is banned Credit: ITV News

Elaine Stephens who runs a care home directly opposite one school visited as part of the operation, expressed her concerns.

Lines of cars were spotted on pavements outside of one school Credit: ITV News

Officers say being in a rush is not an excuse for breaking the law, and tougher action may be enforced if required to keep children safe on their way in and out of school gates.