Bone fragments found during search 'not those of Katrice Lee'

Katrice Lee was last seen in Paderborn, Germany on 28th November 1981 Credit: Family photo

Bone fragments found at the site of an excavation in Germany during the search for Katrice Lee, are not believed to belong to the toddler.

At a press conference today in Paderborn, the German town where the two-year-old was last seen in 1981, The Military Police said several items were uncovered, but not believed to be associated with Katrice's disappearance. They said "nothing else significant" had been uncovered during the five-week forensic dig of the nearby River Alme.

The bones found require further examinations before they can be completely ruled out of the investigation, which could take several more weeks.

  • You can watch the full statement from The Military Police below

The father of the toddler from Hartlepool who vanished from near his army base in Germany 37 years ago, has spoken of his anger at the way in which the investigation for his daughter has been led.

Richard Lee, father of Katrice, said the way his family has been treated by authorities since her disappearance was "unacceptable".

The Royal Military Police say they are "encouraged" by the number of people have come forward regarding the e-fit previously released. They have re-appealed for witnesses in Germany but would not comment on other lines of enquiry they are investigating.

Katrice's father Richard says he is "relying" on local people to come forward with information that may shed light on the fate of his daughter. Speaking to the press, Richard expressed his frustration that those searching for his daughter are wearing the same badge as the people who let him down all those years ago, but he has faith in moving the investigation forward.

  • Richard Lee criticises the initial investigation at the press conference in Germany

A heartfelt letter, written by Katrice's sister was read aloud by Richard to the press. Natasha Lee is getting married this year, she says Katrice should've been her bridesmaid. Instead, a button from Katrice's cardigan will be sewn into her dress.

  • Richard Lee reads out a letter from Katrice's sister Natasha