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The Gareth Southgate look - #WaistcoatWednesday photo gallery

Tyne Tees Weather Presenter Ross Hutchinson Photo: ITV

Football fans across the North East have embraced the Gareth Southgate look to honour the England Manager for the team's success so far in the World Cup.

ITV News Tyne Tees Presenter Ian Payne Credit: ITV
Sports Correspondent Simon O'Rourke Credit: ITV

'Waistcoat Wednesday' has caught the imagination of England supporters. Whether it's waistcoats, shirts, flags or you're just singing 'It's coming home, it's coming home' - football fever is everywhere!

It sure is! Credit: Brian Seals
Dave, Chris and Dave at work in Meadowfield Credit: Chris Kitching
Claire Murray at work in Durham Credit: Paula Hackworth

Danielle and George are teaching people how to sign 'football's coming home'. Here's a video of the song in British Sign Language.

Football Fever is everywhere - even the region's roundabouts!

Don't forget the garden!

Even the plants are getting involved Credit: David Mays, Guisborough