1. ITV Report

Very warm weekend as humidity increases

Tommy at Seaham Horbour Photo: IAN MAGGIORE

Mainly dry, warm with light winds. Humidity increasing overnight into Sunday.


Often large amounts of cloud, but also sunny spells, with most places staying dry and becoming warm after any morning low cloud lifts. Onshore breezes develop for coastal areas. Highs 24°C.


Dry with often large amounts of cloud, but also some clear spells, especially later in the night. These may allow a little patchy mist or fog to form. Mild and increasingly muggy at 14°C.


Any early mist and fog patches will soon clear, leaving a dry, very warm day with some sunny spells. Increasingly humid. Hot highs of 27 °C.


Bright or sunny spells but with a higher chance of showers, especially for Tuesday. Staying warm, perhaps very warm, over the coming days. Muggy nights