Power restored to more than 30,000 homes hit by cuts during thunderstorms

Northern Powergrid Credit: PA

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for the region’s power network, has restored electricity supplies for the 32,188 customers affected by thunderstorms on Friday.

The extreme weather continued into the early hours causing power cuts for more than 33,000 customers.

More than 1,000 customers remain without power.

The region was hit by heavy rainfall, thunder and lightening for several hours on Friday, with the worst of the weather between 6pm and 1:30am.

The storms caused damage to the electricity network, resulting in power cuts for customers predominantly in the North Yorkshire and Teesside areas, particularly those along the coastal routes.

Northern Powergrid Credit: PA

Engineers restored customers' power by diverting electricity through alternative routes on the network, wherever possible, and worked to carry out necessary repairs.

Rod Gardner, Northern Powergrid’s head of network operations, said:

Customers with a disability, medical condition or very young families, who may need greater assistance during a power cut are being kept updated.