Kittens reunited with mother after being abandoned in a bucket in Benwell

The kittens are recovering well Credit: Northumbria Police

A litter of kittens have been reunited with their mother after they were found abandoned in a bucket in Benwell.

PCs Roxy Garrett and Lewis Calboutin were on patrol on August 3 when they were called to a dispute in Benwell. They were speaking to the occupants of a house who said their cat had given birth to kittens but they didn’t know where they were.

The officers searched the area and found a paint bucket in the garden.

When the officers looked inside they found six two-week-old kittens wrapped in a urine-soaked cardigan.

The litter were also covered in paint and were so young that they had barely even opened their eyes. The kittens were taken to Westgate Ark Cat Homing Centre on the West Road.

The police returned to the address to check on the mother. The occupants said they no longer wanted her so police reunited her with her kittens.

The family is recovering well at the shelter.