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Weather: 2018/19 STORM NAMES announced

Did your name make the cut? Photo: Met Office

The storm names for 2018/19 have been announced and once again it is a mixed bag!

The Met Office started naming storms a few years ago to make it easier for the public to keep track of them. The aim is that we will all be more prepared if we pay more attention to wild weather.

Here are the names that made the cut this year:

  • A Ali
  • B Bronagh
  • C Callum
  • D Deirdre
  • E Erik
  • F Freya
  • G Gareth
  • H Hannah
  • I Idris
  • J Jane
  • K Kevin
  • L Lily
  • M Max
  • N Niamh
  • O Oliver
  • P Peggy
  • R Ross
  • S Saoirse
  • T Tristan
  • V Violet
  • W Wyn
Credit: Jim Jones

So, why are there no storms for Q,U, Y, X and Z? Well....

To ensure we are in line with the US National Hurricane Centre naming conventions, we are not going to include names which begin with the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z. This will maintain consistency for official storm naming in the North Atlantic.

– Met Office

So sorry to the Quentins, Ursulas and Zebedees of the world!