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One-eyed seal pup rescued in Whitley Bay after becoming trapped in fish hooks

Helena lost an eye to her injuries from the fishing hooks. Credit: NCJMedia Syndication

A rescued one-eyed seal pup has made a remarkable recovery after being found covered in fish hooks.

Helena, named after Helena Bonham Carter, was brought to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth after a member of the public discovered her at the beginning of August and raised the alarm.

She was found at St Mary's island in Whitley Bay with fishing hooks embedded in her skin from her head to her tail.

One of the hooks had caused an injury to Helen's eye, which caused an infection and an ulcer, and led to the eye having to be removed.

Staff from the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tyneside helped care for Helena. Credit: NCJMedia Syndication

Mark Sand, from the Blue Reef Aquarium, said: "Any debris that ends up in the sea can cause problems for animals.

"Seals are very curious animals, they might go and investigate fishing gear and any other human rubbish that ends up in the sea.

"It's quite often a cause of injury to seals."

Despite losing an eye it's hoped Helena can still thrive. Credit: NCJMedia Syndication

Despite losing her eye, those who cared for Helen are still confident she'll have a good chance of thriving once she's returned to her natural habitat.

Mark added: "Most seals are well adapted to survive without 100 per cent sight and she's still got one working eye.

"Sight is not always that important, they use their sensitive whiskers to hunt and sense fish.

"She's very feisty, she's not a shy seal."

Helena will be released back to the sea once she is fully recovered and is expected to rejoin the seal colony at St Mary's island.