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Mechanic saves the day for a disabled girl left stranded at home on Tyneside.

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The family of a little girl with disabilities have been reunited with her adapted van, weeks after it was badly damaged in a road collision.

ITV News Tyne Tees first told the story of the Burridge family from Wallsend at the end of August. At the time, 6 year old Charlie was stranded at home.

She has complex health needs and the van was her only means of getting out and about. Charlie is unable to travel on public transport due to the risk of picking up an infection.

A mechanic who heard about the family's plight got in touch with them, and offered to repair the van. The vehicle has now passed its MoT and has been returned to the Burridges so they can enjoy family days out once again.

Watch Kris Jepson's report here:

Eddie Tiffin, who runs a local garage repair and recovery service in East Boldon, replaced the parts of the corner of the nearside wing, the headlight and the bumper.

He said after watching Charlie's story on the programme, he had to do something to help.

When I saw it I felt pretty gutted actually about what had happened. I knew the insurance company would write it off because of the age of the van and I felt sorry for the bairn. She couldn't be back on the road, so I just decided to give you a ring and donated the work to be done on the van really.

– Eddie Tiffin, Mechanic
Ed Tiffin Credit: ITV News

Charlie's father, Brian Burridge, who also uses the minibus to deliver food to homeless people, said the vehicle is vital in enabling his daughter to see new things, have new experiences and it helps her stimulate her mind,

Money is tight, because it is for spending money on different things, but then when Ed turned up and said he would fix it for free, it was like, 'what?' People don't do that type of thing. It's normally us helping other people, but I had a little tear in my eye to be honest.

– Brian Burridge, Charlie's dad
Charlie & Brian Burridge Credit: ITV News