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Internet troll jailed after “unbelievable callousness“

Paul Hind Photo: PA

An internet troll who targeted Facebook pages dedicated to young people who had died has been jailed for 14 months.

Paul Hind left comments on social media which mocked and insulted people who had passed away and caused extra heartache to their families.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 38-year-old had defaced a memorial page belonging to Olivia Burt, a Durham University student who was crushed to death beneath a barrier as she queued to get into a nightclub.

Her family branded him a "sick sadist", and said the comments made them feel "physically sick" and added to their tremendous heartache.

Hind admitted he carried out his crimes when he was “bored" and confessed after an earlier court hearing "I targeted dead people because perhaps I knew that deceased people could not fight back, which is a really cowardly thing to do.

"I knew they couldn't say anything because they were dead, unfortunately."

Hind, of Westacres, Wark, Northumberland, admitted four charges of sending a letter, communication or article conveying false information.

The court heard he also targeted Joe Tilley, who was found dead in South America, Duncan Sim, whose remains were found on St. Andrews beach and murdered backpacker Hannah Witheridge, who died in Thailand.

Judge Penny Moreland said the offences were of “unbelievable callousness“.