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Are you smarter than a 10-year-old? Try SATs questions - as parents protest against primary school testing

Parents tried SATs tests in Billingham today, to see the pressures their children face. Photo: ITV News

Parents at several schools in our region joined a protest today against how children are tested at primary level - by trying some SATs papers for themselves.

Campaign group 'More Than A Score' organised 'The Big SATs Sit-in', saying pupils aged 10 and 11 are unnecessarily subjected to "absurd questions" and "high-pressure conditions."

The government says the tests "check that children can read, write and add up well, which lays the foundation for success at secondary school and beyond."

Here are some of the questions included in a paper given to parents at St John the Evangelist RC Primary School in Billingham this morning.

Organisers say the paper is based on May 2018 Year 6 SATs papers.

The answers are at the bottom.


  • Q1. Select the adverb from the words in bold in the sentence below. Select one.

The lively crowd cheered loudly when the rally car race began.

  • Q2. Which sentence is grammatically correct? Select one.

Tomorrow we went shopping at the sales.

In three weeks' time, I will be on holiday.

Next weekend, we had gone to the river to fish.

Last summer, we swim at the beach and collect seashells.

  • Q3. Select the four prepositions in the sentence below.

On a mountain bike, you can cycle across rocky ground, along muddy paths and over harsh terrain.

  • Q4. Select the adverbial in the sentence below.

On Wednesday, Felix has a dental appointment.

  • Q5. Rewrite the verb in bold in the sentence below so it is in the present progressive.

I taught my sister to skateboard.

Parents took papers in English grammar, punctuation and spelling, and maths Credit: ITV News


*you must not use a calculator

Q1. ? = 5,776 - 855

Q2. 785 x 23 = ?

Q3. 645 ÷ 43 = ?

Q4. 3.9 x 30 = ?

Q5. The length of a day on Earth is 24 hours. The length of a day of Mercury is 58 and two-thirds times the length of a day on Earth. What is the length of a day on Mercury, in hours?

The government says the Credit: PA



Q1. loudly

Q2. In three weeks' time, I will be on holiday.

Q3. on, across, along, over

Q4. On Wednesday

Q5. I am teaching my sister to skateboard.


Q1. 4,921

Q2. 18,055

Q3. 15

Q4. 117

Q5. 1,408

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