Holiday home for sick children to be built by family of Bradley Lowery in Scarborough

Bradley Lowery was a huge Sunderland football fan Credit: PA

A holiday home for sick children and their families will be built by the family of Bradley Lowery on the Yorkshire coast.

Six year old Bradley, who died last year from cancer, made national headlines for his friendship with footballer Jermaine Defoe.

Scarborough was the last place he visited and today it was announced that the council there will lease land for his foundation to build a five bedroom home with a sensory garden and pool.

The lease will enable the foundation to construct a state of the art holiday home in the Yorkshire coast town for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. Subject to the necessary planning consents, the property will be built on two storeys comprising of five bedrooms and a sensory garden with hot tub or sauna or pool.

The Bradley Lowery Foundation was set up by Bradley’s mum, Gemma, after Bradley passed away inJuly 2017 after a battle with Neuroblastoma. Scarborough was the last place Bradley visited before he died, where he spent precious time with his family and met the then Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough, Cllr Martin Smith, as part of Scarborough’s Armed Forces Day celebrations.

The foundation contacted the council to locate an area of land that could be leased to them to enable the construction of a holiday home for children and families facing a similar situation to the one that they experienced with Bradley. The council subsequently identified a 1.05 acres parcel of land, situated close to Scarborough’s North Bay, which had been formerly used as grazing land.

Bradley Lowery wth his parents Credit: PA

The proposed lease conditions ensure that the land can be used only for charitable purposes, with either party able to exercise break provisions should the foundation or a successor charity cease to use the property for the purposes of a holiday home for seriously ill children.