Paul Logan's daughter calls for killer to hand themselves in

Paul Logan with daughter, Natalie Credit: Family Photo

By Kris Jepson

Exclusive: The daughter of takeaway delivery man, Paul Logan, whose body was found 25 years ago on Christmas Eve, has appealed to her dad's killer or killers to hand themselves in.

Speaking for the first time on TV, Natalie Logan, 25, told ITV News Tyne Tees her dad's murderer has "hurt us long enough".

The family have joined with Crimestoppers to offer a £50,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of Paul Logan's killer.

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Police believe Paul Logan was lured to Blue House Farm in Shotley Bridge, County Durham, on 23 December 1993 on the pretext of delivering a Chinese takeaway.

Just hours after being turned away the owners of the farm found his body in a nearby lane. His killer or killers have never been found.

I don’t know what made you do it or why you did it, but all I can say is you’ve hurt us and I would ask you to come forward. You’ve let this go on long enough now and truly we deserve the answers… you’ve hurt us long enough... It brings fear, you know, that they could one day come after me. I’m sure that isn’t the case and perhaps it was just something that they had a feud with my dad, but you’ve made us live our lives in fear.

Natalie Logan, Paul's daughter
Paul Logan Credit: Family Photo

She appealed to members of the local community to come forward if they have any information, saying "if listening to me now isn’t going to play on your conscience then there’s a £50,000 reward there on offer.

"Surely that is worth coming forward for and giving us all of our closure."

The police put out an appeal in September, claiming there were now looking at forensic evidence collected at the time to analyse it with new scientific technology.

Natalie said the response from the appeal was overwhelming for her family.

It was nice to hear memories of my dad and the fact that I actually look like him and I remind people of him with my smile and my cheeky personality and it was lovely to hear from everybody… a few years back when my nanna was still alive, I went in one day and she was listening to my dad’s voice… so for that moment I actually felt like he was in the room with us listening to his voice, it felt like he was there.

Natalie Logan, Paul's daughter
In memory of Paul Logan Credit: ITV News

Natalie Logan said she will spend this Christmas Eve like she spends every Christmas, visiting her dad.

Every Christmas Eve I always attend my dad’s grave. I make sure that it's beautiful, just like he was… I wish he could be here on Christmas Day. I wish he was there around the tree and spending it with us, but unfortunately he’s not and we just have to keep him there in our memories. It's heartbreaking not having him here. He wasn’t there for the school plays, he isn’t going to be there to see my children, see me get married. He’s missed out on all those things and thats something he should be there for. >

Natalie Logan, Paul's daughter

Anyone with any information has been asked to call Northumbria Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.