The North East England Chamber of Commerce is demanding an extension to article 50 following last night's rejection of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

James Ramsbotham, chief executive said: "The Government must now do whatever is necessary to extend Article 50 to avoid leaving the European Union without a deal.

Our members have consistently told us that No Deal is not an acceptable outcome. Our region’s strong economic linkages and trading relationship with the EU mean that the consequences of No Deal would cause tremendous harm to North East England.

Extending the negotiations would give Government the chance to engage with the real and practical concerns of regional employers to deliver a Brexit outcome that works for North East England.

The Chamber has consistently championed the views and concerns of regional businesses throughout the process; engaging with local and national politicians as well as key Government departments.

As well as this, we have an international trade team which has advice and regular workshops to support businesses who already trade or aspire to trade globally. Those firms need access to as much assistance as possible to navigate Brexit.