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Coastguard makes three rescues in less than 48 hours on Holy Island causeway

HM Coastguard at Holy Island has warned visitors to be vigilant and pay attention to safe crossing times, after rescuing a total of 8 people and 2 dogs in less than 48 hours on the Holy Island Causeway.

The three call outs are the first of 2019 to the Holy Island Causeway Credit: PA Images

On Monday 21st January, a camper van carrying one person and two dogs was cut off by the tide on the Causeway at 2pm. The safe crossing times that day were listed as 06:15 until 12:25.

On their Facebook page, the Holy Island Rescue team said they waded out to the vehicle and decided the occupants should stay in the van until the tide lowered. Officers remained on stand by, offering safety cover and communications with the occupants.

It followed two call outs rescue squads day before, on Sunday 20th January. The first incident was a driver and their passenger were trapped in sand on the causeway, the second, a vehicle with 4 persons on-board cut off by the tide.

HM Coastguard Holy Island said all casualties were assisted to safety by their rescue officers.

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A list of safe times to cross the Holy Island causeway can be found on the Visit Northumberland website.

  • Here's the list for the remainder of January 2019

Wednesday 23rd January - 08:15-13:45 / 20:35-02:15 Thursday 24th January - 09:00-14:35 / 21:20-03:10 Friday 25th January - 09:30-15:30 / 21:55-04:10 Saturday 26th January - 09:55-16:30 / 22:25-05:15 Sunday 27th January - 10:20-17:40 / 22:55-06:25

Monday 28th January - 10:55-18:55 / 23:40-07:40 Tuesday 29th January - 11:40-20:10 / 00:30-08:50 Wednesday 30th January - 00:30-08:50 / 12:45-21:20 Thursday 31st January - 01:30-09:55 / 14:00-22:25