Police release timeline of Naheed Khan sightings in bid to trace her whereabouts

Detectives from Cleveland Police have released a detailed timeline of her possible movements in central Middlesbrough before she was reported missing.

Police have not been able to confirm the activity was definitely Naheed's. However they have released the timeline in the hope it jogs someone's memory or leads to information relevant to the case.

The possible clues were picked up over months of investigation. Police spoke to several potential witnesses and analysed Naheed's bank accounts.

Police have released the following timeline in an effort to trace Naheed.

May 4th 2018

  • 1am - 1:30am: Potential sighting of Naheed on Linthorpe Road at the junction with Southfield Road and Princes Road.

  • 5.33pm: Naheed's bank account was accessed at the Barclays cash machine at Asda Thornaby.

  • 9:30pm: Potential sighting of Naheed near to the ROAB (Buffs) Club on Wilton Street in Middlesbrough.

  • 11:10pm: Potential witness sighting by a taxi driver picking up a fare on Angle Street going to Wicklow Street in Middlesbrough.

May 6th 2018

  • 12:24am: Naheed's bank account was accessed at the Post Office at Park Lane Garage in Middlesbrough.

  • 5:04pm: Naheed's bank account was accessed at the cash machine outside Adils Pizzeria at the junction between Marton Road and Southfield Road in Middlesbrough.

Police say there is no evidence to suggest the bank account was accessed by anyone other than Naheed. However, they are remaining open-minded as they are unable to confirm it was absolutely her.


Naheed was reported missing to police on June 12th, meaning CCTV would likely have been lost in that time.

The investigation team is relying on witness accounts to piece together her movements.On January 28th, at a press conference, the senior officer leading the case announced it was being treated as suspected murder.

Detective Chief Superintendent Jon Green said:

Details on the Police Investigation

Thousands of people have been spoken to as part of the investigation. In a wide-ranging enquiry police have pursued several lines of investigation.

  • 130 statements taken

  • 2,000 actions and lines of enquiry

  • Over 100 CCTV enquiries

  • 600 people spoken

  • House-to-house enquiries

  • Naheed's phone, social media and bank accounts accessed

  • Social media appeals

  • Poster appeals across Cleveland

Naheed is described as Asian, of slim build and around 5ft 6" tall and with long, dark hair.