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The story of a family who have found light in rebuilding their life

A family who have found light in rebuilding their life, following the devastation of a stroke, have shared their story with ITV Tyne Tees.

21 years ago, Ken Alcock from County Durham, suffered a major stroke. His wife Trish prepared herself to say goodbye and vowed she would look after their children and make him proud.

Ken survived, but lost all activity in the left side of his brain, resulting in paralysis and speech loss. He suffered from depression as a result of taking medication and consequently had a breakdown.

His communication skills have greatly suffered, but his gratitude for the life he shares with his family has not.

Now, Trish has written a book, titled Gone With The Stroke, in which she shares the memories of the day she feared she'd lost her soulmate. In learning to laugh through the troublesome times, she hopes this book will offer comfort and support, to the families affected by stroke.

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