Constituents debate Brexit and People's Vote

Brexit debate Credit: ITV News

By Kris Jepson

Constituents from Houghton-le-Spring and South Sunderland have debated Brexit and whether or not the UK should have a second referendum or 'People's Vote'.

The event was organised by the People's Voice campaign and was hosted by local MP Bridget Phillipson.

Remainers, leavers and people who are still undecided were invited to the discussion, which took place at Philadelphia Cricket Club in Houghton.

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Bridget Phillipson told ITV News she wanted everyone to have an "open and honest" discussion about where the UK goes in the coming weeks as Brexit is rolled out.

I think we need to have an honest conversation about Brexit and the challenges that lie ahead, so I wanted to hear from constituents with a range of views and we heard from people this morning who voted leave and voted remain and how they felt about how things were going and what's the best way forward for our country.

Bridget Phillipson MP
Bridget Phillipson MP at debate Credit: ITV News

Those who backed a second referendum said that it was the democratic to give people another chance to vote on Brexit now that the country has "more facts" about the potential impact and consequences of leaving the European Union.

One constituent said "I think the people's vote gives us and opportunity to establish if we still want to leave and what sort of Brexit we want, because that has not been asked.

Another said "Neither side knew the facts and now that we do, it's a chance for both of us to vote again".

Brexit debate Credit: ITV News

However, the constituents who are against having a People's Vote claim it is undemocratic and would be divisive.

One man said "the People's Vote will cause more divisiveness in society".

Another man said "a People's Vote isn't going to fix this. All you'll do there is have another 17 million different opinions and it's absolutely impossible to put on any ballot paper the complexities that people could possibly have a meaningful vote on".

The government told ITV News it has no plans to offer a second referendum.

The Government has been clear that there will not be a second referendum. The British people voted to leave the EU, including with a leave vote of 61 per cent in Sunderland, and we are focused on delivering on that. The vote was the single biggest democratic act in our history and a second referendum would risk dividing the country and damaging the faith of the British people in the Government.

Government Spokesperson