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Builders find 4,000-year-old skeleton while working on Northumberland pub

The site where the skeleton was found in Wooler in Northumberland Credit: ITV News

A skeleton thought to be about 4,000 years old has been discovered by builders working on a hotel in Wooler in Northumberland.

Documenting the rare discovery, archaeologists have spent the last few days measuring, collecting and detailing every single inch of a bronze age tomb, which was uncovered behind the hotel site.

Work at the Tankerville Arms was halted when the burial chamber - otherwise known as a cist - was found by workmen, who were excavating trenches when they came made the discovery and immediately stopped digging.

Experts say the person who was buried in the cist had probably died two to three hundred years before Tutankhamun lived.

Although everything inside has been taken away, the owner of the hotel intends to keep the tomb.

With the help of the archaeologists when they've removed the grave we do hope very much that we can put it into the corner of the garden in a respectful place so that people can come and visit it because there is a huge amount of interest in it."

– Ann Park, pub owner