• WATCH: Our correspondent Gregg Easteal joined Mackenzie Thorpe in his studio to watch him create his much-loved work

The Middlesbrough-born artist Mackenzie Thorpe has been back in his hometown today for the unveiling of his newest piece of art.

The sculpture, called 'Waiting for me Dad' now sits proudly on the Middlesbrough side of the Transporter Bridge, to welcome people coming home, or say farewell to those leaving.

The artist was joined by dozens of members of the public for the unveiling this morning, which began with a male choir crossing the river on the town's famous bridge.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

He grew up in Newport, on the banks of the Tees. Mackenzie says it's his working-class background and family life that inspires his art, a theme that's dealt him a successful career.

'Waiting for me Dad' Credit: ITV Tyne Tees