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Ban on identifying teenage killers extended

Angela Wrightson was murdered in December 2014 Credit: ITV News

A ban on reporting the identities of two teenage girls who murdered a vulnerable Hartlepool woman has today been extended at the High Court.

The girls were 13 and 14 years old when they killed Angela Wrightson in December 2014.

They have both now turned 18 and have taken legal action to try to remain anonymous as adults.

Angela Wrightson was an alcoholic, and 39 years old when she was battered to death inside her own home.

Her killers were both in the care system.

They used a television set, a shovel and other items as weapons.

They stopped to take 'selfies' with their victim, and posted a photograph on social media as they were being taken home by police officers who were unaware of their crimes at that point.

Their first trial was stopped, after hundreds of people wrote comments about the girls on social media which were described as 'disturbing' by a judge.

In 2016, the girls were both jailed for life, with minimum terms of 15 years.

The judge, Mr Justice Globe, ruled they should remain anonymous, because of their ages and concerns around their mental health. The older girl had tried to kill herself on a number of occasions.

Those reporting restrictions have expired as the girls have reached adulthood, but both have applied to remain anonymous permanently.

Mr Justice William Davis today agreed to extend an interim injunction preventing them from being named, while psychiatric reports are completed and full legal arguments are drawn up.

The Press Association is arguing the girls' identities should be revealed.

A full hearing and final decision is expected towards the end of 2019.