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New CPR app set to launch in memory of North Shields man

CPR app Photo: ITV News

By Kris Jepson

A new app with simple instructions of how to conduct cardio-pulminary resuscitation (CPR) is set to be launched in memory of a North Tyneside man.

Paul Gardner, from North Shields, died on his 24th birthday when he got into difficulties whilst swimming on the coast of Ibiza last August.

Tragically, he was the only one of his group of friends who knew how to carry out CPR. His family vowed to raise awareness of the live saving method and they are about to launch the new app in the coming weeks.

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The new app has an 'Emergency' section, which can be located with one click.

The application includes swipe technology, maps identifying the nearest defibrillators in North Tyneside and cutting edge 3D 'augmented reality' videos illustrating to potential life savers how to conduct CPR.

The whole ethos of the app was for it to be simple, because time is of the essence when there is a situation, like what happened with Paul. That’s how the app is going to be, basically, if there’s a problem and you need to perform CPR, you’re straight in there... We want it to be as big as possible, because at the end of the day, this is going to save lives. We hope. Like we said originally, if this can save one life Paul would be buzzing, because that’s what the type of person he would be, so yeh, we want it to be as big as it possibly can be.

– Billy Ions, Paul's step-father
Paul Gardner Credit: Family photo

App developers have worked on the system for several months and explained how it will include different videos illustrating how CPR can be carried out on adults, children and babies.

We’re going to be able to cut up the three, four minutes video sections for the child scenarios, the adult scenarios and the infant scenario. So then we can take those three to four minute videos and then we can cut them up into how we need for the different bits of the app. So, we always had the emergency bit as the main section, but there was the bit where we tell people about the app, but obviously that’s a secondary bit of information. And all roads end potentially at the CPR element. To get your useful information, you don’t want to be more than two or three clicks for normal stuff, but for this, it’s kind of one. So within one click you’re in the most important section of the app.

– Adam Anderson, App developer, Blue Cookie
App video Credit: ITV News

The app is expected to launch in the coming weeks, once the videos have been approved by Billy Ions and finalised.

It is the latest initiative of his campaign to raise awareness of CPR and build on his step-son's legacy.

Last year, he teamed up with the Tumbles and Grumbles Children's First Aid Group and last month he unveiled five new defibrillators which have been installed in different areas of North Tyneside.