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Pain of Parisians felt in the region following Notre Dame fire

The partial destruction of Notre Dame in Paris has been deeply felt throughout the North East of England and especially in those cities which are synonymous with their own ancient cathedrals, Durham and York.

850 years of history were wiped out when the roof, the spire and many of the contents of the landmark church were engulfed by flames yesterday evening. Hundreds of Parisians lined the streets in awe watching the gothic cathedral burn.

Smoke billowed into the sky from he Paris skyline last night Credit: ITN

"Our thoughts and deepest sorrow is with those of our fellow cathedral and world heritage site on this terrible evening. We pray for those fighting the fire, the #NotreDame community and the people of Paris"

– Durham Cathedral on Twitter

Some may call it bittersweet, but from today, visitors to Durham Cathedral will be able to see its newest stained glass window.

The Cathedral had already planned to unveil the new 'Illumination Window' prior to the news in France unfolding.

Durham Cathedral today unveiled their new Illumination Window Credit: ITV TYne Tees

The glasswork has been designed in memory of former Durham University art student Sara Pilkington, who died suddenly in 2012.

Illumination Window was created in memory of Sara Pilkington Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Few places may be able to understand the pain Paris felt last night, like the city of York.

When York Minster burned in July 1984, it was believed a lightning bolt sparked the fire in the building’s south transept completely destroying the roof.

More than 100 firefighters tackled the blaze, which caused £2.25 million in damage. The restoration work was completed in 1988.

Firemen survey the fire damage to the South Transept of York Minster in 1984. Credit: PA file

John David, Master Mason at York Minster, was present for the fire in 1984.

He said the footage coming out from Paris last night brought back memories of that day over three decades ago.

York Minster offered a message of support to Parisians on their social media channels after the news of the fire broke.

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Firefighters managed to save the Gothic stone structure and the two bell towers from complete destruction. Credit: AP

The fire at Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral left France mourning the devastation of its cultural and historic "epicentre".

President Macron says a national subscription will be launched to rebuild the national monument.