Local Elections 2019: Overnight results, Labour lose control in Hartlepool but keep other councils

Our region has been to the polls. Credit: PA Images

Labour has lost control of Hartlepool Borough Council but has retained its hold of the four other authorities in our region which counted votes overnight.

It is still in control of Newcastle City Council, North Tyneside Council, South Tyneside Council and Sunderland City Council.

The party though has lost seats across our region.

Smaller parties and independent candidates have done well across the North East and the UK. For example, The Green Party has two new councillors in our region - one each in Sunderland and South Tyneside.


In Hartlepool, where a third of seats on the council were up for grabs, Labour lost four councillors.

Ukip gained one seat and independent candidates took three.

This means no party or group is in overall control in Hartlepool.


Labour has lost nine seats in Sunderland, where a third of the seats were contested, but remains the biggest party.

The Conservatives have taken four seats, Ukip three, the Liberal Democrats two and the Greens one.


In South Tyneside, another council with a third of seats up, Labour lost five seats.

Independent candidates have taken four seats and The Green Party one.


Labour lost only one seat in North Tyneside and the Conservatives gained one. A third of seats were up for grabs there.


Labour have lost two councillors in Newcastle, another council with a third up for grabs.

The Liberal Democrats gained one seat while another went to an independent.


Two by-elections were held in County Durham yesterday, in Spennymoor and Shildon & Dene Valley. These were won by an independent and Liberal Democrat respectively.

Northumberland also had a by-elections,in Holywell, which Labour won.

The rest of the region's authorities will declare their results following counts which take place today.

This will include the new North of Tyne Mayor.