Meet the ITV team with 'diversity in their DNA'

Credit: ITV SignPost

A production house without prejudice. Introducing, ITV SignPost.

Established 21 years ago, the North East based team utilises the skills and talents of their diverse crew to produce high-quality broadcast content for Deaf and mainstream audiences.

Every programme SignPost creates has at least 50% Deaf or people with disabilities, making them content creators with a difference.

[My job] includes studio recordng, editing, camerman, creating graphics and creating Signed Stories.

Giles Bowman, Technical Production Specialist

SignPost makes a range of programmes, from network children’s programmes to documentaries.

Their latest documentary features Agnes Dyab, the first female chair of the British Deaf Association, who shares her life story.

Best-selling children’s stories are also performed in British Sign Language by members of the team for Signed Stories, here in our Gateshead studio.

You can check out more of the amazing work SignPost do, by visiting their website.

To celebrate Deaf Awareness Week, ITV Creative confirmed it would include on-air promotional materials to highlight BSL.

It was created by Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq, a London based artist whose work concerns culture, deaf identity and being an Asian woman in western society. For her ITV ident, Rubbena created a sculptural representation of BSL, which is officially recognised as one of the UK’s indigenous languages and is a vital expression of Deaf cultural identity.

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Credit: ITV Creative

It's been quite a journey for the SignPost team to become one of the leading providers of BSL content in the UK.

This is how it all started...

Credit: TTTV
  • 1998:

Channel 4 commission signed programmes from Tyne Tees Television

Credit: ITV SignPost
  • January 1998:

SignPost launches from TTTV

Credit: Ofcom
  • January 2000:

OFCOM regulations introduced to review and revise a code giving guidance as to the extent to which television services should promote the understanding and enjoyment by persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Credit: ITV SignPost
  • January 2003:

Signed Stories is launched. An interactive, fun and inclusive space where children of all ages and abilities can enjoy animated children's storybooks in American and British Sign Language.

Credit: ITV Signpost
  • March 2008:

Signed Stories app is introduced, with animated children's stories performed in sign language.

Credit: ITV SignPost
  • February 2012:

Scottish Parliament introduces BSL Act, and ITV SignPost wins contract to present.

Credit: ITV SignPost
  • January 2017:

The children's TV programme Mission: Employable is commissioned by CITV, featuring child actor Danny Murphy, who is deaf.

Credit: ITV SignPost
  • February 2017:

SignPost was commissioned by BSLBT to make documentaries.

Credit: ITV SignPost
  • January 2018:

SignPost wins Signature Award for commitment for to Accessibility in the workplace.

Credit: ITV SignPost
  • February 2019:

SignPost awarded the Centre Award by the Royal Television Society