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Brexit Party takes two out of three North East European Parliament seats

The North East's three MEPs giving their winning speeches Credit: ITV News

The Brexit Party has taken two of the three available seats in the North East in the European elections.

Brian Monteith and John Tennant will now represent the region at the European Parliament.

Labour's Jude Kirton-Darling took the other seat that was up for contention.

A breakdown of the vote share Credit: ITV News

In his winning speech, the Brexit Party's Brian Monteith said he and his colleagues would work to restore public trust.

He said: "Yet again the people of the North East have delivered a truly historic result. They've shown how they and many others across Britain are willing to leave behind their past loyalties to support the Brexit Party.

"Only established six weeks ago we have fielded the most diverse and representative group of candidates drawn from different backgrounds, religions, ages and experience.

"All are united by a passionate belief in taking us out of the EU and restoring integrity to our democracy."

The Brexit Party's other successful candidate, John Tennant, gave a slightly briefer winning speech, saying the result had reflected voters' disillusionment with Westminster.

He said: "The message is absolutely clear. People have voted for the Brexit Party in their droves because Westminster has failed to deliver and that is the ultimate message."

Labour's Jude Kirton-Darling was seemingly critical of her party's position on Brexit and said voters were not being provided by a clear vision.

She said: "This has not been a normal election but it has shown the weakness of our position on Brexit. People don't know what we stand for.

"If we don't let the public back in to what happens next they will abandon us before we can deliver a government capable of bringing the transformative change that we need in this region and across the country."

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