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Brian Monteith: I'm not a hypocrite for living in France

Brian Monteith has rubbished claims he's a hypocrite Credit: ITV News

Brian Monteith, the newly-elected Brexit Party MEP for the North East, has rubbished claims he's a hypocrite for living in France yet campaigning against Britain's European membership.

Mr Monteith was elected on Sunday night along with another Brexit Party candidate, John Tennant. The other MEP seat went to Labour's Jude Kirton-Darling.

Some criticism has been levelled at Mr Monteith due to the fact he lives in France. He said voters were not bothered by his living on the continent.

There's nothing hypocritical in being a European but not believing in the EU.

– Brian Monteith, newly-elected Brexit MEP

Mr Monteith also said that non-EU countries like Switzerland, Norway and Iceland were still European.

The Brexit Party won 240,056 votes in the North East, and enjoyed a strong showing across the country in the European elections.

A breakdown of the vote share in the North East Credit: ITV News

After its performance in the European elections some members of the Brexit Party have said it should be part of the government's negotiating team with Brussels.