Parents of Jodey Whiting receive an apology from the government after her death

In February 2017, a mother of 9 children from Stockton, took her own life shortly after her benefits had been stopped.

Jodey Whiting's family has always claimed the government is responsible for her death, but an independent review stated that the claim is impossible to prove. Today, its representatives met Jodey's parents to apologise, but Jodey's mother Joy called the meeting 'nowhere near enough.'

The Department for Work and Pensions has admitted failings in the way it handled the case of a vulnerable woman.

Credit: ITV News

Jodey Whiting was 42 years old when she died in 2017. She missed an appointment for a medical assessment, which led to her benefits being stopped - despite her suffering severe physical and mental health issues.

The media wasn't allowed to film the meeting between Jodey's family and the DWP, which took place at the office of a local MP, but our reporter Jonny Blair spoke to them afterwards.

The DWP representatives didn't speak to the media after the meeting but offered the following statement: