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Dad smashes the world record for spinning a cushion on his finger

He came, he saw, he conquered.

James Ferguson has powered his way into the Guinness Book of World Records with his unusual talent of spinning a cushion on his finger.

The dad-of-two from West Boldon smashed the record to smithereens with his effort of one hour and four minutes on Friday afternoon.

Cheered on by family and friends at the Old Fox pub in Felling, Gateshead, James eased past previous record-holder and former Britain's Got Talent contestant Thomas "Bounce" Senior.

James was cheered on by family and friends at a pub in Gateshead. Credit: NCJ Media

James, 34, said: "I'm completely delighted and I managed to break the record with a good time so hopefully it will stand for a while.

"I had a lot of friends there cheering me on and there was a lot of chat and banter so I didn't get bored, they helped take my mind off it.

"Now we're having a few pints and celebrating, it's been a really fun day."

James' passion cushion spinning started as a teenager when he was watching TV. Credit: NCJ Media

James' passion for dancing a cushion between his middle and index fingers started as a teenager when he practiced while watching television.

James began preparations for his world-record attempt in February with his cushion of choice (a 50cm x 50cm, 700g Marks and Spencer model, if you were wondering).

The scene at the Old Fox was set ahead of the 3pm attempt, with Kylie Minogue's aptly-titled hit "Spinning Around" played just moments before James' effort got under way.

The official record stands at 15 minutes and seven seconds, while recent reports suggest Brighton man Dan Spencer has extended this to 18 minutes and 14 seconds.

Co-workers donned masks of the 34-year-old's face, and celebrated both milestones with cheers and party poppers.

The record attempt needs to be formally validated by the Guinness Book of World Records. Credit: NCJ Media

But there are still a couple of loopholes to jump through to get the record attempt formally validated by the Guinness Book of World Records. James said: "The whole thing had to be watched by two witnesses and captured on video.

"Then there are a pile of forms you need to fill in with statements and attach photographs.

"Not all of the records make it into the book itself but it will be on the website as soon as it is formally confirmed."

The past five months have involved meticulous planning of the record attempt, and training three or four evenings each week.

The sight of James in his armchair spinning a cushion in front of the television has become an all-too familiar sight to his wife Kerry and daughters Sadie, 3, and one-year-old Nell.

The world-record attempt was live-streamed on YouTube, and funds were raised on the day on behalf of local non-profit organisation Friends of Felling Park.