Three years since the Brexit vote, meet the man behind Leave and Remain

The man who came up with Leave or Remain as the options in the 2016 EU referendum has spoken to ITV News about Brexit and the role he played in it, three years on from the vote.

When the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU was first announced by then PM David Cameron in 2016, the proposed question was whether the UK should stay a member of the organisation.

Thom Brooks, who is professor of law and government at Durham University, challenged the original options of 'yes' and 'no' at a public consultation exercise.

His feedback which was quoted by the Electoral Commission when the options of 'Remain' and 'Leave' were chosen as replacements.

The result was, as most will know, a win for Leave over Remain with the former taking 51.9 per cent of the vote.

In the above video Prof Brooks explains what he thinks of Brexit now and how he was influential in getting those options onto ballot papers.