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Consultation underway over Horden's Masterplan for regeneration

Horden regeneration Photo: ITV News

By Kris Jepson

A Durham County Council consultation is underway over the Masterplan to regenerate an area of Horden known as the 'Numbered Streets'.

The council told ITV News the process may take 20 to 30 years, but some residents who live in the village said they need action now.

One resident told this programme "they say 10 to 20 years to get these houses sorted. I think we need something doing now about Horden".

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Horden Colliery Residents' Association has been calling on Durham County Council to invest in the area in recent years after fielding complaints from tenants about empty houses, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour, drugs, arson and vermin.

Chair of the residents' association, Pat Barnett, told ITV News she welcomes the council's consultation.

They’re (residents) interested. They want to live in a decent place. They dont want rats running around. They don’t want fires setting and it's got to be dealt with... It's obviously going to take a long long time and it's going to cost a lot of money. I think it can only be good if it's done properly, professionally and in consultation with the people.

– Pat Barnett, Horden Colliery Residents' Association
Consultation options Credit: ITV News

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Durham County Council has drawn up six options for the residents to discuss.

They include:

  • Improving the streets and back lanes
  • Making the existing houses "family-friendly"
  • Partially demolishing and rebuilding the housing
  • Partially demolishing and rebuilding the housing with an educational hub
  • Wholesale clearance of the area and rebuilding from scratch
  • Wholesale clearance of the area and rebuilding from scratch with an educational hub
Horden Credit: ITV News

Dawn Scorer, who is a resident in Horden, told ITV News she would prefer to see the current housing stock being renovated, rather than houses being knocked down and rebuilt.

Make some of these into three bedroomed. Make them into four bedroomed. Make them proper family homes. Get the lofts done out, make them into family homes. Get families in... We’ve got one shot at it and this is it and this is for our generation and this is for Horden. This is to get our pride back, because we are so proud of it. You know, this is it and it's going to happen, it's got to happen.

– Dawn Scorer, Horden Resident
Fence removed Credit: ITV News

Durham County Council said it is actively seeking a meeting with the Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse MP, in order to discuss the options.

For the masterplan to become reality, the council said it need to secure funding.

There’s been a lack of investment over a number of generations and we really need to see if we can put something more radical in place that can change the offer people can be provided with. To be able to meet what we think is the need here, it needs some significant investment. Renovation is part of the options we put through in the consultation, however we're looking here at signifiant amount of money being spent on each property. To bring them up to a decent home standard we're probably talking between forty and fifty thousand pounds, again that probably isn't a viable option.

– Cllr Kevin Shaw, Durham County Council