A cygnet has been taken into care after youths hurled rocks at the baby bird on the River Tyne.

Blyth Wildlife Rescue confirmed the baby swan had been attacked under a bridge in Ovingham, Northumberland, on Saturday night.

Reports indicate a group of youths hit the cygnet with rocks, and a passer-by intervened and brought the bird to the attention of vets.

Following an examination, the baby bird seems to have escaped the incident without injury but may never be reunited with its family.

It is being cared for by Blyth Wildlife Rescue Credit: NCJ Media

A member of the public intervened and took the bird to a Newcastle vets who got in touch to transfer the youngster into our care. The cygnet seems to have escaped without injury, but is being kept in ICU for further monitoring. >Attempts have been made to track down the rest of the swan family, but we think the young bird may have been washed downstream during the heavy rains and may never be reunited with the family unit. Luckily we have another cygnet of a similar age who will enjoy the company in an outdoor enclosure once the Ovingham cygnet has been given the all clear."

Blyth Wildlife Resuce

Northumbria Police would encourage anyone with concerns relating to animal welfare to contact the RSPCA.