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Man gives away kidney to stranger after being inspired by tweet

John Cassell, 36, from Redcar was inspired to donate an organ after seeing a tweet from a little girl who needed a life saving transplant.

At that point he didn't know anything about kidney disease or about giving kidneys away.

It prompted him to research organ donation, and he discovered that it's possible for most people to give away a kidney, after plenty of medical tests. He started those a year ago, which also included psychological evaluations.

Pretty much everyone's walking round with a spare kidney.

I know it's a very big thing to ask of someone, or even to offer, so I wouldn't expect many people to do it - but certainly sign up to the organ register.

You're not going to need them when they're gone.

– John Cassell

He shortly got a call to say a 30-year-old man - who had been very hard to find a match for - was ready, and he went into hospital.

John said recovery was quite quick and the NHS were able to support him financially while he took time off work following the operation.

We encourage people if that's what they feel able to do - to come and get assessed.

They have to have perfect kidney health and go through various tests before they're able to be accepted to go through the surgery.

– Iain Moore, Renal Consultant, James Cook Hospital

All John knows it that the operation was a success, and lives with the knowledge that he's given the ultimate gift to someone he'll probably never meet.


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