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Father of the bride shocks guests as he skydives during epic wedding speech

Steven went to extreme lengths to get one special guest to the venue on time Credit: Couch Potato Films

It was the mixture of a fairytale and a blockbuster movie.

Laura and Lewis Finnie planned their wedding party to be as effortlessly beautiful as the glorious grounds of Northumberland's Newton Hall, where they shared their vows.

But Laura's father had different ideas.

With a touch of 007, a hint of danger and a sprinkle of skydiving, Steven Stipetic went above and beyond to make it his mission that one very special guest could make an appearance on the big day.

However, that mission was so top-secret, even his wife Karen was clueless about the big plan.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this?

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The couple from Gateshead have been together for six years and once marriage was on the cards, it took a considerable amount of time for Steven's plan to come together.

Steven says he immediately knew he had to 'go big' for his daughter's wedding - and he didn't disappoint.

Special guest Loopy-Lou has been a huge part of Laura's life since she was a little girl. After so much TLC, the doll even needed a hair transplant but has always been by Laura's side, (apart from the time Loopy-Lou got lost on holiday), so surely she couldn't miss the big day.

But what kind of planning goes into such an epic idea? Lot's apparently.

From getting the groom Lewis to pick the suits 'months in advance', making sure the scenery during filming matched the seasonal July wedding, to convincing the skydiving centre to let him jump out of a plane in a suit... Steven even had to secretly cut a key to his daughter's house to sneak in and steal the VIP guest for filming.

About a year earlier when Lewis asked for permission to marry my daughter, I realised I would have to do a father-of-the-bride speech.

I had this crazy idea... So I rang a friend-Adam, who has Couch Potato Films and told him what I wanted to do.

He thought I was crazy, but went along with it anyway. Together we scripted it and everything was kept top secret, not even my wife knew what I was up to!

We had a great time filming and putting this together for the big day.

– Steven Stipetic, Father of the Bride

The hilarious video has even made its way to TV screens in the United States, but Steven says as long as it makes people smile, it was well worth the effort.