Nissan responds to concerns over the future of the Sunderland plant

Reports in a national newspaper today sparked concern over the future of the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

The Financial Times is reporting that a no-deal Brexit would prompt Nissan to review its decision to build the Qashqai sport utility model at its Sunderland plant, endangering the future of the factory and its 7000 employees.

The Japanese carmaker announced in November 2016 that the Qashqai would be built in the UK.

Nissan has previously stated that the future of the plant is subject to a Brexit deal being secured. Nissan relies on a rapid supply chain from Europe, with components arriving at the factory on a "just in time" basis.

  • In a statement, Nissan said:

When asked if it's true that the future production of the Qashqai Sports model here would be reviewed if there's no deal, possibly leading to the eventual closure of the site, Nissan told ITV Tyne Tees:

While we don’t comment on speculative scenarios, our plans for Qashqai production in Sunderland have not changed.”