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Whale that beached off the Northumberland coast has died

Marine mammal medics assessed the whale on Friday evening Credit: ITV News

A whale that became stranded off the Northumberland coast on Friday has died.

The sperm whale was first spotted off Church Point before swimming towards cliffs near Beach Terrace, then Sandy Bay.

On Friday evening a team of marine mammal medics went on to the beach after the tide had receded to carry out an assessment.

It was confirmed to be a 13.3m long subadult male. Experts had predicted that it was unlikely to survive due in the shallow water.

Martin Kitching, a wildlife expert, said that once the whale had come so close to the coast it was only a matter of time before it died.

It's an awful ending, but it's almost inevitable once a sperm whale finds itself in our bit of the North Sea.

– Martin Kitching
The whale was spotted yesterday off the Northumberland coast Credit: ITV News