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Jury has gone out to consider its verdict in trial of former Newcastle United star Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne arriving at Teesside Crown Court on Monday morning. Credit: PA Images

The jury in the trial of the Newcastle United legend Paul Gascoigne, who is accused of sexually assaulting a women by forcibly kissing her during a journey from York to Newcastle in August 2018, has gone out to consider its verdict.

The 52-year-old denies the offence, telling jurors at Teesside Crown Court:

I was not drunk, I was not forceful, I was not sexual. I was just reacting to the lady getting called fat and ugly.

– Paul Gascoigne

In her closing speech Michelle Heeley QC, Gascoigne's barrister, told the court a kiss could mean many things, including a celebration "when you score one of the greatest goals England has ever seen, against Scotland in Euro '96'".

William Mousley QC, closing for the prosecution, said Gascoigne had repeatedly lied about what happened:

There's an obvious reason as to why he lied and that's because he knows he is guilty of sexual assault but wants to put up a smokescreen, cause a diversion, suggest it was not as it so odiously was.

– William Mousley QC

Giving evidence on Monday, the women, who cannot be identified, said Gascoigne "certainly seemed drunk, intoxicated."

"I just wanted to go home", she told the court, the kiss was "sloppy", "forceful" and "not a peck on the cheek."

Meanwhile in his emotional and colourful testimony, Gascoigne removed his dental implant to demonstrate how his speech might have been slurred on the day of the alleged assault.

Jurors were also given a file of photographs of the ex-England midfielder kissing and being kissed by celebrities, premier league footballers and even Diana, princess of Wales.

Former boxing champion Ricky Hatton and top football agent Mel Stein have character references, bringing attention to his "tactile" and friendly nature.

Gascoigne told police he had undergone an operation which made him sick if he drank spirits.

He also told officers "thousands" of strangers had come up to him and kissed him over the years, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Paul Gascoigne facing the media outside the court on Monday morning. Credit: PA Images

The court heard the alleged victim was travelling home on the train when she noticed a "shouty and sweary" passenger begin her.

Gascoigne then attempted to sit on her and kissed her "very forcibly and sloppy on the lips."

Gascoigne's alleged victim explained she had tried to ignore the 52-year-old ex-footballer:

Midway through the journey he asked me if I was a palm reader. I said no and tried to keep looking forward.

– Alleged victim

On the night of the incident, police found Gascoigne in a hotel in Jesmond. "He had, in his words, 'kissed a fat lass','' William Moursley QC told the court.

Questioned the next morning, Gascoigne was "more sober", Mr Moursley said, claiming that he had given her a "peck on the lips to reassure her."

Arriving at Teeside Crown Court on Monday, Mr Gascoigne, who was wearing sunglasses, a blue suit and a patterned tie, faced a mob of photographers.

As he approached the court, a member of the public can be heard shouting, "Go on Gazza lad", to which he responds: "Ah right, lad."

The 52-year-old was challenged by fellow passengers over his behaviour. Credit: PA Images

Jury members have been told to put any views of they have of him to one side and to indicate whether they were ever employed by any of his previous clubs.

As he left court on Monday, Gascoigne stopped to sign an autograph:

The ex-midfielder played for clubs including Middlesbrough, Everton, Spurs, Lazio and Rangers, was born in Dunston, Gateshead.

Mr Gascoigne, better known as 'Gazza', earned 57 caps for England. Credit: PA Images

Gascoigne is described by the National Football Museum as "the most naturally talented English footballer of his generation."

He has publicly acknowledged how alcoholism has affected his professional and private life.