Former Newcastle United footballer Paul Gascoigne has been cleared by a jury at Teesside Crown Court of sexual assault after he kissed a woman on a train.

The jury also acquitted Gascoigne on an alternative charge of assault by beating.

Hearing the first verdict, Gascoigne sobbed in the box and hugged his supporters. There were cries of "yes" from the public library.

As he left the court, Gascoigne wiped his eyes with a tissue and hugged his agent.

Paul Gascoigne arriving at Teesside Crown Court this morning to hear the verdict. Credit: PA Images

The 52-year-old told jurors he had no sexual intent when planting a sloppy kiss on a stranger.

During the trial Gascoigne removed his dental implant to demonstrate how his speech might have been slurred on the day of the alleged assault.

Speaking from the dock as he was cleared of both charges, Gascoigne said:

Thank you Your Honour, thank you to the jury and thank you to my dentist!

Paul Gascoigne

The prosecution had accused the former England midfielder of "lying through his teeth, whichever teeth they were".