CCTV footage shows moment arsonist set fire to cars at dealership

A 'vindictive' arsonist was captured on camera setting fire to cars at a showroom in Northumberland.

CCTV footage shows the moment that flammable liquid is poured onto the bonnets of several cars and set alight at the Village Car Centre in Ashington.

The callous criminal then steps back to watch the flames take hold and destroy the stock of the small business.

Firefighters and police were called to the Village Car Centre on Morpeth Road just before 11.30pm on Saturday as flames and smoke could be seen from streets nearby.

The business lost 20% of its stock overnight Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION

Two crews from Pegswood fire station arrived and put out the flames which had burnt out seven cars.

Joint owner Rachel Gascoigne, from Ashington, said her "heart sank into her boots" after she was alerted to the fire at the used car dealership.

In total 10 cars were damaged, after a second smaller fire reignited on its own in the early hours of the morning, spreading to three cars.

The vandalism meant that the business lost 20% of its stock overnight.

No arrests have been made yet Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION
Arsonist sets fire to cars at Ashington dealership Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION

The aftermath of the fire could be seen in the car park outside of the Village Car Centre with several cars completely wrecked by the flames.

This weekend's fire came just 10 weeks after another arson attack which destroyed three cars.

The business was due to install security gates in response to the first fire when the news came that arsonists had struck again.